Custom Printed Straps

Order Your Cargo Straps Stenciled With Your Company's Name And/Or Logo

Take advantage of our special pricing on Custom Strap Stenciling. Add your company's name/logo to your straps and stand out from the crowd! Stenciled straps make it easy for you to recognize your equipment, while marketing to your customers at the same time. At Cargo Equipment Corporation, we have the ability to custom stencil your company's name and/or logo on each individual strap you order. This personalization sets you apart from the competition, provides a professional appearance, and markets to your customers.

Cargo Equipment Stenciling Fees

  • $100 Initial Stencil Fee (One time fee to create the desired stencil for your company)

  • $2 Stencil Charge Per Strap

  • 100 Minimum Piece Order

  • 500 Straps or more? No stenciling Fee per strap!

  • *On Two, Three, and Four Inch Straps*

  • **Must All Be The Same Color** (Black ink Only)