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Auto Hauling & Transport

Need the proper vehicle tie down strap for your auto hauling transport job? Cargo Equipment Corporation has got you covered. We are your final stop for high quality tie down straps for sale at the best price possible. We guarantee these straps will help you haul any car or truck safely and easily. In addition to car hauling straps, vehicle towing straps and hardware we can manufacturer replacement straps for current ratchet straps. You’ll also find all different types of the ratchet straps featuring snap hooks, axle straps, swivel J hooks, track fittings to fit your needs.

  • Axle straps are designed to be used in conjunction with ratchet straps to secure a vehicle no mater what kind of trailer you have.

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  • Tow Dolly Straps

    We manufacture a wide variety of wheel basket, tire harness, tow dolly and tire bonnet assemblies.

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  • Wheel Straps

    Strap assemblies that use a three point anchor system to secure the vehicles tires for auto transport.

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  • Lasso Straps

    Lasso straps are used to go around the tire and secure to the trailer.

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  • RTJ Cluster Hook Auto Frame Straps

    These straps use the RTJ cluster hook to attach to nearly any auto frame.

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    RTJ Cluster Hook Auto Frame Straps
  • Hardware

    Just need hardware for your auto hauling operation?

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All of the straps we manufacture are DOT compliant and have been specifically designed to haul cars, vans, SUVs and light and heavy duty trucks. The over-the-tire straps grip the tire treads with tough rubber cleats to keep the strap from shifting. The straps can also be ordered with the rolling idler fitting in tie down system for extra securement.

Basket straps are designed to encapsulate the tire for a snug, secure tie down and many even tie down to the side rails of a flatbed, so you can turn your regular truck into an auto hauler. Axle strap tie downs are a very secure way to haul any vehicle. They are available with the standard strap with delta rings on each end or integrated into a complete ratchet assembly. We also offer E-Track car tie down systems for hauling on flatbeds or inside vans.

Whether you are moving large volumes of vehicles via your car carrier or simply transporting your personal or recreational vehicle from one place to another, we’ve got the carrier solution you’ve been searching for. If you can’t find the particular product you require, please call our highly trained sales staff at 847-741-7272 to help you get the solution you need.

Car Tie Downs and Auto Transport Straps

We offer a variety of styles of wheel baskets and bonnets to be used in over the tire application, in addition to the most modern versions of ratchet straps featuring rubber cleats to lock into your tire treats. These premier auto hauling straps display end fittings similar to swivel J hooks and wire hooks that will attach to your star holes or pooch holes and securement points. The rolling idler moves without restriction on the strap and assists in tightly protecting the truck, SUV or car for worry-free auto transport.

Be sure to check out our extensive line of replacement fittings and hardware. Have you noticed your ratchet is damaged? It’s easy to replace with our selection of end hardware and ratchets, from snap hooks or wire hooks to swivel J hooks. These are simple and efficient options to swap out your old or unusable strap assemblies. If your fleet is growing and it’s necessary to install new pan fittings or securement track fittings to your toy hauler or trailer, you’ll want to check out our diverse product line that will meet your custom tie down needs. You’ll be sure to find the L track, e track and pan fittings you require.

Find the Right Heavy Duty Tow Strap or Tow Strap With Hooks

For our tow straps, we manufacture a lengthy list of tow dolly, wheel basket, tire bonnet and tire harness assemblies. We can create all versions of auto transport straps your situation might call for. For truck and car tie downs, we begin with a simple tire basket that’s meant for a general-purpose application. This can be employed in everything from large-scale auto transport to a general use consumer tow dolly. The wheel basket is employed together with a ratchet strap fixed end featuring a flat, snap or wire hook end fitting.

We produce top of the line adjustable wheel baskets and tire bonnets that feature a cam buckle to adapt to a number of different tire sizes. In addition we make tire harness assemblies and custom side mounted wheel bonnets meant for hauling trucks, SUVs or cars on a flatbed trailer. All of our tire harnesses, tire bonnets and wheel baskets are constructed from high quality 12,000-lb polyester webbing and come in a number of color choices.

Call our sales department at 847-741-7272 if you don’t see the product you need and we’ll work with you to build the right strap for your requirements.

Auto Transport Straps and Car Carrier Straps

For over the tire application, we have several different styles of wheel bonnets and baskets, not to mention the newest styles of ratchet straps with rubber cleats that lock into the tire treads. These new auto hauling straps with rubber cleats have end fittings like wire hooks and swivel J hooks that will secure into your pooch holes or star holes and securement points. A third hook known and the rolling idler floats freely on the strap and aids in tightly securing the car, truck or SUV for safe auto transport.

We also carry a complete line of replacement hardware and fittings. Did you accidentally run over your ratchet? No problem! Check out the many different styles of ratchets and end hardware from swivel J hooks, wire hooks and snap hooks to repair your worn or damaged strap assemblies.

Is your fleet growing and you need to add new securement track or pan fittings to your trailer or toy hauler? Cargo Equipment carries a large selection of E track, L track and pan fittings to configure your custom tie down needs.