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Wheel Straps and Replacement Straps

Wheel straps are strap assemblies that use a three-point anchor system to secure the vehicle's tires for auto transport. The three-point system can be a ratchet strap style wheel strap with three hardware anchor point hooks, such as, wire hooks or swivel J hooks.

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The Wheel strap can also be a manufacturer’s car carrier tie down strap that will have two hook anchor points and the third point being a trailer mounted tensioning device, such as, a trailer mounted winch or lashing winch. The wheel strap has the typical end hook, which can be wire hooks or swivel j hooks on both the fixed end and the adjustable end while also having a third hook or Idler hook floating on the strap for securing around the tire. This system is designed to secure the tire firmly to the trailer allowing the car, truck or SUV to ride on its own suspension system. In between the end fitting and the Idler hook on both the wheel strap and manufacturers’ replacement straps are a series of 3 rubber tire cleats that lock into the tread of the tire. The tire cleats help prevent the wheel strap from moving side to side keeping the wheel harness straps secured firmly to the tire. We manufacture several different standard sizes of wheel strap assemblies which are typically 8’, 10’ and 12’ lengths. Custom lengths and configurations are available upon request.