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Ratchet Straps and Cam Buckle Straps for E-Track

E-track straps have either a ratchet buckle or cam buckle to tighten your straps. These ratchet straps and cam buckle straps are used inside your enclosed trailer and connect to e-track which is mounted to the wall. Typically E track is mounted horizontally with horizontal E Track or vertically using vertical E Track or slotted side posts. Standard lengths for our 2" wide webbing E-Track straps are 12 Ft, 16 Ft and 20 Ft long, and standard fixed end length is 4 Foot (special lengths available upon request). The fixed end is the side of the strap that has the tensioning hardware, which would be the ratchet or cam buckle side. Interior van straps are also color coded to determine what size strap you are using.

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    Prefer Cam straps to hold your cargo safely in your enclosed trailer or work van? We have them too.

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The industry standard for denoting color to length is: Yellow straps denote a 12 foot long strap assembly. Gray straps denote a 16 foot long strap assembly, and blue straps denote a 20 foot long strap assembly. Color coding your interior van ratchet strap or cam buckle strap helps a driver that may have a box full of different size straps to know exactly what size strap assembly to grab and use.

Need a Special E-Track Strap Length?

Do you have a specific application that requires specific length fixed end or adjustable end ? Cargo Equipment Corporation can custom build the strap assembly to fit your specific requirements. Since we are the manufacturer, we can build your ratchet strap or cam buckle strap using different end hardware choices. Do you have L track in your trailers? We can custom build strap assemblies using L track fittings. Are your renting a moving truck that only has wood slats inside the trailer? We can custom build ratchet strap or cam buckle straps using slat hooks or wire hook and D ring combinations that will help secure your precious cargo in those rented truck and trailers. Do you have a fleet of trailers that have different styles of track or d rings? Cargo Equipment Corporation can build your ratchet strap or cam buckle strap using multiple hardware choices for your end fittings. We can build Strap assemblies with F hook and spring E fitting combinations, or how about wire hook and spring E fitting combinations. Your choices are endless when you deal directly with the manufacturer! When it comes to Interior van products Cargo Equipment Corporation has a complete line! Be sure to check out our moving pads and moving supplies and accessories page! Our furniture pad line has the right moving blankets to choose from. We offer an economy line furniture pad which is light weight and great for warehousing or storing your furniture. Our FP350 moving pad is a more durable polyester cotton blend designed for your general purpose moving and storage, and our FP550 pad is our heavy duty 100 % cotton Moving blanket which gives you the maximum protection. Help protect your furniture on your next move with Furniture pads from Cargo Equipment.