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Choose Your Endless Round Sling Color

Endless Round Slings are color coded to distinguish between sizes. Each color has it's own weight capacity. Reference the cart below to see which size sling you will need. These slings provide the user with an easy and effective way to lift an object. They are constructed with a continuous loop of 100% polyester which encases and protects the load bearing fibers. Each sling also has a tough, resilient tag making it easy to identify weight capacities.

*All Lifting Slings require 2-3 days to ship*

Weight capacities refer to the Working Load Limit (WLL), one-fifth of the breaking strength of the sling.

  • Purple Round Slings

    Vertical Rating: 2,600 lbs. Choker Rating: 2,100 lbs. Basket Rating: 5,200 lbs.

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  • Green Round Slings

    Vertical Rating: 5,300 lbs. Choker Rating: 4,200 lbs. Basket Rating: 10,600 lbs.

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  • Yellow Round Slings

    Vertical Rating: 8,400 lbs. Choker Rating: 6,700 lbs. Basket Rating: 16,800 lbs.

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  • Tan Round Slings

    Vertical Rating: 10,600 lbs. Choker Rating: 8,500 lbs. Basket Rating: 21,200 lbs.

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  • Red Round Slings

    Vertical Rating: 13,200 lbs. Choker Rating: 10,600 lbs. Basket Rating: 26,400 lbs.

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  • White Round Slings

    Vertical Rating: 16,800 lbs. Choker Rating: 13,400 lbs. Basket Rating: 33,600 lbs.

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  • Blue Round Slings

    Vertical Rating: 21,200 lbs. Choker Rating: 17,000 lbs. Basket Rating: 42,400 lbs.

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  • Orange Round Slings

    Orange Round Slings: 1.75" Orange Round Slings: 2.125" Orange Round Slings: 2.350"

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