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Sure-Lok FF600 Wheelchair Tiedowns

The Sure-Lok FF600 system is one of the first retractor kits available for transporting wheelchair persons. The FF628S for A Track and FF627S for L Track are the most popular kits in this series. These kits are designed to be used in the L Track and A Track with a positive lock fitting that is easy to install. The attachment of the straps can easily be done with the versatility of your choice of S-hook or Buckle & Tab hardware attachment styles. There are kits that offer 4 retractors only and ones that have the 4 retractors with occupant restraint.

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The FF600 Retractor Series Systems is the most convenient and proven wheelchair securement system you can buy today. There are two ways to attach to the wheelchair. The first and most popular is the S-Hook connection to the wheelchair. The second method is the buckle and tab connection. The S hook is quick and easy while the buckle and tab creates a positive lock on the wheelchair that will not come off. Both of these designs provide easy attachment to a variety of wheelchair designs. With Sure-Lok wheelchair securements every feature has been thoughtfully designed for your passengers with special needs and ease of operation for your drivers. The retractor strap systems provide ultimate efficiency, time savings, and convenience. The ergonomically designed handle on the retractor is quick and easy to grasp, the dual, 24-teeth sprocket mechanism enables the user to more easily increase tension on the webbing and the track fittings are specifically designed to work with L track, A track or bolt in applications to ensure free pivoting action for optimum belt alignment. Sure-Lok wheelchair securements are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and performance. These wheelchair tie downs are built to deliver a quality wheelchair securement system at a competitive price. There are many wheelchair securement kits available to fit your specific needs. Please contact us if you have any questions and our trained sales staff will be more than happy to help you choose the best wheelchair securement for you.
The ergonomically designed handles are durable, quick and easy to grasp, and apply tension. Our newly redesigned metal cover is now chrome plated for a stronger, more durable finish and a more attractive appearance. Our superior track fittings are specifically designed to ensure free pivoting action for optimum belt alignment to the tie-down point on the chair. Optional oversized, red release button for greater visibility and easier operation. The positive-locking Retraktor keeps the webbing tension at the desired load throughout the full range of adjustment so the lock is still effective when webbing is fully retracted in the housing.
Our dual 24-teeth sprocket mechanism enables the user to more easily increase tension on the webbing than with a 12-teeth sprocket mechanism, providing a better secured chair and more comfortable ride. The new, patented, Solo Floor Anchor Fitting - low profile, easy to install and simple to use. The Solo Cleat rotates on the Anchor to self-align, allowing the belts to form the proper angles.

Choose from common Sure-Lok Wheelchair Tie Downs FF627S-4C and FF628S-4C or other Wheelchair Straps

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