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Polyester Lifting Slings and Lifting Straps

All our lifting slings and lifting straps are made of highly durable, heavy-duty polyester webbing. These lifting slings (sometimes called lifting straps) are in stock in numerous widths and lengths. Slings come in various styles: flat eye and eye, twisted eye, endless, and endless round to meet your specific application.

These lifting slings meet or exceed all WSTDA standards and OSHA regulations.

We manufacture our lifting slings and straps and can quickly custom build whatever type of lifting sling your need.

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Which type of lifting sling or lifting strap is best for your application? Lifting Straps, Polyester Lifting slings, Chain Slings, Specialty slings – the options can seem endless (yes, we carry Endless Round Slings and Endless Slings, too!).

Whatever your lifting application, when you are looking for a lifting sling solution, make certain that it has the Cargo Equipment tag.

All lifting straps manufactured or provided by Cargo Equipment Corporation meet or exceed all OSHA regulations as well as WSTDA standards. Our hoisting slings are made very strong. Hoists and slings can be a helpful tool when lifting heavy items. With very few limited exceptions (primarily due to hardware/fitting marking requirements) Cargo Equipment Corporation products are also compliant with ASME B30.9 standards and regulations.

Sling Length and how to measure for it.

Flat Eye and Twisted Eye Sling length is measured from end to end when the sling is laid flat. Endless Slings, and Endless round Sling length is measured from end to end when the sling is folded in half.

How to Measure SlingsEndless Round Sling Length for Lifting

Types of Lifting Slings / Straps

Flat Eye & Eye Lifting Slings

Flat Eye & Eye (EE) lifting slings are made with a flat loop eye on each end and with a loop eye opening on the same plane as the sling body. This type of sling goes by a variety of names including flat eye & eye, eye & eye and double eye sling. Versatile and flexible, this sling can be used with all three hitches: vertical, basket and choker.

Twisted Eye Lifting Slings

Twisted Eye (TE) lifting slings are made with a loop eye on each end that is at a right angle to the plane of the sling body. This type of sling is commonly referred to as a “twisted eye” sling. A Twisted Eye sling is suitable for all hitches, but is recommended particularly for choker hitch application.

Endless Lifting Sling

Endless (EN) lifting slings are made with a continuous loop that is formed by joining ends of the webbing together with a load-bearing splice. It is extremely versatile as the design allows for the rotation of bearing points, which allows Endless Lifting Slings to avoid using one constant bearing point thereby increasing the life of the product. They are suitable for use with all three hitches: vertical, basket and choker.

Quality Lifting Straps for Optimum Safety

Here at Cargo Equipment, safety is our first priority and the paramount consideration involved in manufacturing quality slings. However, it is the responsibility of the user of our slings to establish appropriate safety practices prior to using the products. Users of slings should fully understand the proper methods of rigging and lifting and how they will react under abnormal situations.

Whether your needs call for a standard product or a "special" sling designed to meet a specific application, Cargo Equipment Corporation is your primary source for high quality lifting straps. Exemplary service, quality and performance are the Cargo Equipment guarantees.

Our lifting straps are used by the world's top companies in the mining, energy, aerospace, transportation, and manufacturing industries.

Top uses are: Hoists and Slings, Hoisting Slings, Lifting Cranes