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Moving Supplies

Looking for the moving supplies that will make your move as easy and efficient as possible? You’ve come to the right place. Cargo Equipment Corporation is your one-stop shop for all of the movers equipment you require, whether it’s furniture moving equipment such as dollies or pads, or moving accessories such as locks to keep your cargo safe as it’s being stored, we’ve got you covered. Here are just a few of the categories of high quality moving supply products we have on hand.

  • Moving Pads

    We stock moving pads ready to ship to you. Protect your valuable belongings with our furniture moving blankets.

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  • Furniture Dollies

    Furniture dollies make it easy to transport heavy items, such as pianos, appliances, boxes and more..

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  • Appliance Dollies

    We carry professional grade appliance dollies from Stevens and Yeats. We stock the right truck for your job!

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  • Pallet Trucks

    Pallet jack is a standard pallet truck that is capable of handling loads up to 5,500 lbs.

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  • E Track Straps

    E-Track straps are the most common way to tie down loads or pallets of material inside an enclosed trailer or semi-trailer.

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  • Moving Supplies and Accessories

    You will find mover rubber bands, Web belts, Tie Webbing and more...

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  • Loading Ramps

    Choose from aluminum or fiberglass moving ramps. We have the ramp to fit your application!

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  • Master Locks

    The Master Lock ProSeries® Covered Laminated Padlock features heavy steel body and hardened boron alloy shackle for superior cut resistance. .

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  • Hand Trucks

    Magliner is the industry prefered when it comes to hand trucks. Buy quality and Demand the best!

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Furniture Moving Pads and Furniture Moving Blankets

When you’re making a move, you need to be able to rely on heavy duty moving pads and blankets to keep your furniture safe as it’s transported. Our topnotch products are the best method to protect belongings, able to grip safely even under challenging conditions. All of our blankets and pads are affordable, durable and composed of non-woven fabrics with binding on each edge.

Appliance Dollies

Our appliance dollies are manufactured of the strongest and most dependable materials on the market today. Specially designed features provide you with the maximum amount of leverage with the least amount of effort. Moving professionals prefer dollies chosen by our experts at Cargo Equipment because they know we only supply the best. Choose from our wide selection of heights, features and materials to find the right product for you.

Pallet Trucks

To lift and move your pallets in the most efficient way possible, turn to our pallet trucks or pallet jacks. These tools, an elementary form of forklift, make outstanding use of tight spaces where maneuvering with larger equipment is impossible. Steered by upright levers that also work as a pump handle for lifting the forks, they are lowered by a small trigger handle located on the primary upright handle. Our pallet trucks are developed to allow for the maximum amount of safety as well as being easy to operate and long lasting.

Loading Ramps

Making moving and shipping as safe and simple as possible for years, loading ramps are a must have for any furniture moving equipment task. The items we carry for our customers couple lightweight design for easy transport with strength and durability that means heavy loads are easily managed. Often suitable for usage in both the trucking and moving industries, our ramps are built with non-slip surfaces so they can be used in wet or dry conditions. We carry a wide selection of sizes and styles, ensuring you are able to find the right ramp for your specifications.

Moving Accessories

We carry a wide variety of moving accessories that will help you make your next move as seamless as it can be. Movers’ rubber bands fit securely around furniture in order to keep pads in place while moving, and/or hold drawers tightly closed on file cabinets, dressers, etc. Harnesses make transporting heavy items easier by allowing moving professionals to use appropriate lifting techniques and leverage while carrying items. Shoulder dollies that enable lifting up to 800 pounds are one example. Other products include carpet shield and floor runners for floor protection, door jam protectors for entrance areas, Klimp fasteners for making sure shipping crates stay connected, and more. Check out our fantastic array of professional furniture moving supplies today and you’ll find exactly what you need to simplify your task tomorrow.