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QLK-150 Docking System
The QLK-150 wheelchair docking system is the next step in independent wheelchair securement (also known as powered lockdowns or tie-downs). It is the perfect solution for those looking to drive their vehicle or who want to quickly secure their own wheelchair using a single point system.
Key benefits of the new QLK-150 system:

Extensive Crash Testing - First and only system tested to higher WC/19 wheelchair loads; and also the only system tested Forward, Rearward and Sideways.
Slim & Flexible Dash Control - Compact design has a much larger touch area and features imbedded LED indicators showing system status.
Flush Surface - Eliminates "snags" and gives users an immediate 3/16" (5mm) of additional bolt clearance.
Tapered Channel - Helps smoothly guide users into place.
Reduced Footprint - Reduces castor interference with shortened design front to back by 1.5" (38mm), retaining original hole pattern.
SMART (ECM) - Newly designed Micro-processor controller
Sleep Function - When user exits docking base, system draws 76.5 micro amps (0.0000765 Amps): About 5 times less than other docking systems.
Low Current Draw - Solenoid release draws between 4.2 – 9.1 amps (versus 18 Amps).
Reduced Electrical Components - New design only requires a single micro-switch and eliminates thermal switch.
Plug & Play Serviceability - Solenoid and limit switch feature quick connectors.
Screw-Terminal Connectors - Connectors are easily removed for faster wire routing, and eliminates additional crimping and soldering.
Removable Cover -
Faster servicing and maintenance.
Over-Torque Protection - Prevents "locking up" if internal hardware is over-torqued during routine maintenance.
Heat-Treatment - All components except for base mounts are treated to increase strength, and reduce entry channel warping and sharpening.
Eco- friendly Steel Coating - Our high grade steel features more eco-friendly coating, to prevent corrosion and reduce the impact on the environment.
Lowest/Highest Clearance - Optional base mounts allow for the docking system to be mounted from 1.5" (38mm) to 4" (100mm)

  • Warranty – 3 years with completed warranty (click here for warranty registration)
  • Tested – Crash tested in forward, rearward and sideways facing directions
  • Meets or exceeds the following standards and regulations: SAE J2249 & ISO 10542

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