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Rubber Tarp Ties

Rubber tarp straps (not to be confused with low-grade bungee cords) are a quick and easy to secure items in place. Tarp ties are available in natural rubber and EPDM composite rubber. Natural rubber tarp ties have a strong consistent stretch to the cord. EPDM straps have a strong stiff stretch to them. Natural rubber tarp straps are good for cooled, northern climates because they will not become brittle, crack or tear in freezing temperatures. Tarp straps in EPDM rubber are an excellent choice for hotter, southern climates and resist sun exposure from UV rays. Metal S-hooks on each end are crimped to the cord so as to not pull out. Tarp straps, also know as bungee cords, should never be used as your only source of cargo securement in any application.

  • Natural Rubber Bungee's

    Natural rubber tarp tie's or Bungees in many different sizes. Good for cold weather Climates

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  • EPDM Bungee's

    EPDM tarp tie's or Bungees in many different sizes. Good for Warmer weather Climates

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  • Rubber Rope

    Versatile solid core natural rubber rope provides for fast, secure tie-down of tarps.

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How To Choose the Proper Rubber/Bungee Tarp Ties

Although both styles of tarp ties will work under a variety of conditions, the main difference between the two is their ability to function properly in different weather conditions. The easiest way to choose a tarp tie is to look at the temperature of the areas that they will be used in. Natural Tarp ties for example, are better suited for colder climate areas as they are able to withstand cracking in the lower temperatures. Conversely, EPDM Tarp ties are more suited for warmer climate areas as they resist dry rotting better than Natural Rubber Tarp Ties. Be sure to keep these criteria in mind when choosing the right tarp strap for your cargo needs.