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L Track or Aircraft Track

Is fast becoming the track of choice for use in toy haulers, pick up trucks, sprinter vans, and custom vans because the L track is designed for strength and adjustability. L track gives you 1" tiedown point increments giving you the adjustability you need to secure various types of cargo. The sleek look of the aluminum L track will give a great aesthetic look to the inside of your trailer.

L Track is available in 3 different profiles:

Regular Series
for surface or flush mounted installations
Flange Series
for flush mounted installations
Surface Angled Series
for surface mounted installations

L track comes in different profiles including: recessed style, recessed with flanges (used commonly on school bus and airplanes to pinch rubber matting or carpet under edge) and Angled Surface Mount (used commonly in "toy hauler" trailers). Recessed L Track requires you to router a channel in the the floor for a flush mount (it can also be mounted directly on the floor but will stick up about 1 inch), whereas the surface mount can easily be mounted to floors and walls giving you endless securement points.

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L Track Fittings & Hangers

Looking for a wide variety of L track fittings from single stud L track fittings, double stud L track fittings and double stud L track fittings with round rings. L Track fittings with round rings can be used with standard tie down straps with end fittings, such as, vinyl S hooks, Snap hooks, and wire hooks, but can also be used on custom strap assemblies made to your specification.

Accessories for L Track

Cargo Equipment Corporation can manufacture strap assemblies in house using ratchets, cam buckles with the L track fitting of your choice for end fittings. Do you already have L track but are looking for a way to help keep the track free from debris? Take a look at our L Track filler Cap, which is designed to snap directly into the L Track providing a complete coverage from dirt and debris. L track filler cap comes in 25 Ft rolls and can be cut into specific lengths for use in between tie down fittings.

If you don't see exactly what you are looking for then please contact our customer service department at 847-741-7272 and we will get you the information you need.