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Tow Straps, Snatch Straps and Recovery Straps

Whatever type of recovery tow straps you require, we at Cargo Equipment Corporation can manufacture it to fit your needs. Our heavy duty tow straps are made right here in the U.S.A. Tow straps for sale include those in a number of configurations and sizes so that our customers can attain exactly what they require. We carry heavy duty tow strap webbing in widths of 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”. we also featuring multiple plies (single or double) to get the exact capacity you need. Prevent a situation where your vehicle is stranded in the mud or snow this winter because you’re without a recovery strap. Determine the slings Working Load Limit (WLL) and Webbing Breaking Strength before purchasing to ensure you get the right one for your task. If you’re unable to find exactly what you need, contact us and we’ll build it to your specifications.

  • 2 Inch Wide Tow Straps

    2" Recovery/Towing Strap with Wear Pad In Loops.

    Single Ply 10,000 lbs WLL Double Ply 20,000 lbs WLL

  • 3 Inch Wide Tow Straps

    3" Recovery/Towing Strap with Wear Pad In Loops.

    Single Ply 15,000 lbs WLL Double Ply 30,000 lbs WLL

  • 4 Inch Wide Tow Straps

    4" Recovery/Towing Strap with Wear Pad In Loops.

    Single Ply 20,000 lbs WLL Double Ply 40,000 lbs WLL

  • 6 Inch Wide Tow Straps

    6" Recovery/Towing Strap with Wear Pad In Loops.

    Single Ply 30,000 lbs WLL Double Ply 60,000 lbs WLL

  • 8 Inch Wide Tow Straps

    8" Recovery/Towing Strap with Wear Pad In Loops.

    Single Ply 40,000 lbs WLL Double Ply 80,000 lbs WLL

  • 10 Inch Wide Tow Straps

    10" Recovery/Towing Strap with Wear Pad In Loops.

    Single Ply 50,000 lbs WLL Double Ply 100,000 lbs WLL

  • 12 Inch Wide Tow Straps

    12" Recovery/Towing Strap with Wear Pad In Loops.

    Single Ply 60,000 lbs WLL Double Ply 120,000 lbs WLL

  • Screw Schackles

    All the shackles you could ever ask for!

Store Your Vehicle Recovery Strap Correctly

Vehicle snatch straps will be life-saving at critical points, so it’s essential to:
  • Keep it away from abrasive vehicle components or sharp corners for its protection.

  • Store it in a serviceable location that’s simple to access.

  • Make sure you own the proper equipment to optimize its use and lengthen its life.

  • Check its condition before using it for any frays, cuts or broken stitching.

  • Follow its included care instructions and clean it properly after use. Most straps should be stored away from sunlight or other heat forms. Dirt that embeds in a tow strap wears down the fibers as time passes and can weaken it.

    Employing a Tow Strap With Hooks

    If your vehicle features abrasive securement points then it’s crucial to own the proper hooks for your vehicle snatch straps. It’s helpful to keep multiple screw shackles together with the snatch strap. These hooks, or screw shackles, assist in keeping your strap protected from potentially damaging vehicle parts and extend the products’ life.
    Follow these tips to properly utilize your screw shackles:
  • Unscrew your shackle keeper.

  • Attach your screw shackle to your heavy duty tow strap’s eye.

  • Put the shackle on the vehicle securement spot.

  • Securely re-connect the shackle keeper.

  • Always note whether both sides of the recovery strap will require a screw shackle, to be prepared in any situation. At Cargo Equipment Corporation, our screw shackles are constructed of forged carbon steel with a galvanized finish to make sure they’re able to tackle any towing job. Before employing items that have sat unused for awhile, check to make sure there is no rust or other defects. When using straps to pull a vehicle out, move forward very slowly. If you drive too fast or jerk suddenly, you could cause damage to one (or more) of the vehicles or the strap itself. Choose vehicle tow straps from Cargo Equipment Corporation to guarantee a safe and smooth winter with no incidents.