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Flatbed Truck & Trailer Winches

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At Cargo Equipment Corporation we know load stability is top priority for any flatbed. We carry a series of ready to use trailer winches for your truck and trailer. Our inventory consists of the best of the best from the most respected manufacturers in the industry.
Among our products is Ancra’s SilverCap. This ratcheting cap is an exceptional tool. It can turn any cargo winch into a SilverCap ratcheting winch regardless of whether the trailer already has weld-on or still usable winches. Our Standard Double "L" Winches moves in both directions easily. Yet it locks firmly when tension has been applied. The PortaAnchor turns standard stake pockets into solid anchor points, maximizing securement.
All Cargo Equipment winches comply with California CHP and DOT regulations. They’re also WSTDA-T3 compliant and meet Canadian Standard 905. We have a series of base configurations, including weld-on, slider and bolt-on. More importantly, these flatbed winches are solid steel, seamless mandrels with sturdy alloy pawl pins and powder coated to resist rust and abrasion.
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