2-Inch Self Tensioning / Tightening Ratchet Strap With Flat Hooks

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$17.41 to $61.11


2-Inch self tensioning (tightening) ratchet Strap with #1015 flat hooks on both ends. This flatbed strap is available in multiple lengths and colors.

How it Works

The self-tensioning ratchet has two heavy-duty recoil springs inside the mandrel (see photo below). As tension is applied to the ratchet, the springs are engaged. The springs are then ready if tension is lost due to a load shift. The spring takes up the lost tension, up to approximately 2 inches. This helps to ensure the end fittings of the strap assembly stay attached and secure.

One of the most heavy-duty ratchet straps, this tie down will self-tighten (or tension) if tension is lost. Use of this strap does not substitute following FMCSA rules. Always check your straps to ensure they are properly secured.


3.1 – Inspecting Cargo

As part of your vehicle inspection, make sure the truck is not overloaded and the cargo is balanced and secured properly.

After Starting. Inspect the cargo and its securing devices again within the first 50 miles after beginning a trip. Make any adjustments needed.

Re-Check. Re-check the cargo and securing devices as often as necessary during a trip to keep the load secure. You need to inspect again:

After you have driven for 3 hours or 150 miles.

After every break you take during your trip.

Federal, state, and local regulations for commercial vehicle weight, securing cargo, covering loads, and where you can drive large vehicles vary from place to place. Know the rules where you will be driving.

The ratchet is based on the durable, #803 ratchet.

If you need a length not listed, please contact us. These straps are made to order in the USA to your specific needs.

Working Load Limit: 3,333 lbs

Breaking Strength: 10,000 lbs

Fixed End Length: 12 inches

Available Colors: 11

Ratchet Maintenance

Keep your ratchet running smooth by applying small amounts of WD-40 (or similar) to the spots shown in the below photo:

Custom Stenciling

Custom stenciling is available in black ink on all webbing colors except black. Add your company name, logo, phone number, or address to help prevent loss. Stenciling provides a great marketing tool too!

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Images, including webbing colors, are only a representation of products. Actual product is subject to variation. Most webbing colors come stenciled with "Cargo Equipment" unless you are ordering a custom stencil with your company name or logo.

Safety Warnings

It is vital to read and understand all safety warnings and precautions prior to using a tie down or other cargo control device. Please download the Synthetic Tie Down Safety Bulletin for more details.

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Great ratchet and strap

Jacob Simon Williams - | 1/7/2022 10:22 am

I had my doubts about this but the ratchet works really great. Highly recommend!