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Accesories for Flatbeds

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Accessories always help to make your job easier!

Strap winders help to quickly wind up your winch straps. These winch tool to wined up straps on a flat bed are a must for truckers.  Some strap winders actually mount to your side rail allowing you to wind up your winch straps to store in your tool box.  We also carry strap winders that allow you to wind up your winch strap directly onto your winch.  No more winding by hand!  The overdrive ratchet cap mounts directly to your standard winch turning it into a ratcheting winch.  With the Overdrive ratchet cap you never have to reset your winch bar because the winch cap now works like a ratchet.  Never having to reset your winch bar means that your winch bar has less opportunity to slip out of the winch cap after resetting making your task safer and easier.  Cargo Equipment offers several different styles of mounting points from floor chain tie downs, special J and special c hooks, and D rings with clips.  All mounting points weld to your trailer and offer tie down points for your tie down chains, winch straps and ratchet straps.  Don't forget your coil racks in both light duty coil rack and heavy duty coil rack the next time you haul coils of steel.  Coil racks are designed to be used with wood blocks to cradle the coil then secured with edge protectors and chain. We are your one stop shop for semi flatbed accessories.