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Guides, Instructions & Manuals

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Warranty Registration

The warranty registration process takes just a few minutes and requires the following information:

  • Serial Numbers located on the Warranty Card(s) or Product(s), and
  • Your Vehicle(s) information (i.e. VIN, Make, Model and Year)

Q'Straint's Warranty Policy

Limited Warranty: Q'Straint warrants this product conforms to our manufacturing specifications and is free from defects in materials and workmanship. Q'Straint or its authorized dealer will (at its sole option) repair or replace the defective component(s) free of charge. This warranty does not cover the cost of assembly or disassembly, transportation, labor, or any other incidental costs involved in the removal of a defective part or the installation of the replacement part.

Q'Straint or its authorized dealers reserves the right to inspect the product to verify the claimed defect has not been caused by non-Q'Straint approved maintenance or by foreign particles or substances. This warranty does not apply to defects that result from accident, misuse or abuse, intentional damage, fire, flood, alteration or modification of the product, negligence, exposure, or use of the product in a manner inconsistent with it intended use.

Product Coverage

5 Years*

Q'POD (US), QRT-360 (US), QRT-350 (UK), QRT-550 (UK)

3 Years*

QRT MAX, QRT Deluxe, QLK-150 and The Q'UBE (US)

2 Years*

QRT Standard, Q-5000, M-Series, QLK-100 (US), QLK-110 (UK)

(with proof of maintenance performed by a Q'Straint authorized dealer)

1 Year

All other Systems, Products & Accessories

*Only valid if product is registered with Q'Straint. Otherwise, a one (1) year warranty applies to all products. Products must be installed by authorized Q'Straint dealer.

Register your Q'Straint Product today! (goes to Q'Straint's website)