Auto Hauling Wheel Ratchet Strap with E-Track Fittings, Idler, and 3 Rubber Cleats

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$32.40 to $35.15


2-inch wide auto hauling ratchet strap or wheel strap uses E-track fittings for use with E-track systems. The wheel strap has an E-track idler that allows the webbing to flow through while tightening the strap. Uses polyester webbing available in 10 colors.

Comes with 3 floating rubber cleats that lock into the tire tread to keep the strap from moving side to side. Studs are on both sides of cleats.

Fixed end is 6 inches and uses #804 ratchet

Assembly Details

2 inch wide handle ratchet - Part No. 804
2 inch E-track fitting on both ends - Part No. FE8029-1
E-Track Rolling Idler with Webbing Swivel (Floating) - Part No. 1040-SE
3 floating rubber cleats with studs on both sides to keep the strap positioned on the tire tread - Part No. RB-2-2

Assembly Working Load Limit: 2,000 lbs


Images, including webbing colors, are only a representation of products. Actual product is subject to variation. Most webbing colors come stenciled with "Cargo Equipment" unless you are ordering a custom stencil with your company name or logo.

Safety Warnings

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