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Cargo Bars and Jack Bars

Cargo Equipment stocks one of the best selections of cargo bars in the industry. Our selection of Load Bars include cargo bars and jack bars built to last longer than most bars on the market . The paddle handle and jack bar mechanism are made to handle the day to day use that is seen in the trucking industry. Local delivery drivers choose steel cargo bars for their delivery trucks because of there quick and easy use.
E-Track beams, cargo bars, aluminum and steel decking beams, jack bars, ratcheting bars, telescoping load bars, and logistic bars for any truck or trailer; no matter what you are looking for, we've got it! If there is something you need and you don't see it, call and we can manufacture it for you.

WARNING: Cargo bars and Jack bars do not have load ratings! This is due to the friction based application of the rubber foot pad and varying conditions of trailer sidewalls.

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