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Decking Beams or Shoring Bars for E-Track

Series E Shoring beams offer a strong and secure way to create decks to double stack products which are unstackable, or shore back a load in any trailer containing E track. Our beams are made from extruded high strength aluminum, designed to give maximum strength for the least possible weight. Theend extrusions or Replacement Channels slide in and out of the ends of the square aluminum beam section which gives the beams their adjustability. The decking beam head assemblies are all steel with zinc plating and tapered for ease of operation. Trigger and spring are built for long-lasting positive lock control. We also offer Jack Bars and Cargo Load Bars with rubber feet for those applications where E-Track is not available. Check out our Wood Beam Sockets for alterative and inexpensive way to shore up cargo using dimensional lumber.

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