Endless Lifting Slings

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$9.75 to $578.15


Download Endless Lifting Sling Capacity Chart.

Endless lifting slings are made with a continuous loop that is formed by joining ends of the webbing together with a load-bearing splice. They are extremely durable and versatile as the design allows for the rotation of bearing points. This allows the Endless Lifting Slings to avoid using one constant bearing point, thereby increasing the life of the product.

Endless Lifting Slings are suitable for use with all three hitches: vertical, basket and choker.

Our lifting slings are made from high quality 9,800lb polyester sling webbing for maximum safety. Lightweight and extremely flexible; they are easily and quickly handled and adjusted to the load. Our slings will not mar, deface, or scratch the most highly polished metal surface and is equally gentle to non-metallic loads.

These Endless Lifting Slings are unaffected by mildew, rot, or bacteria, and have excellent abrasion resistance. All are treated to repel moisture and dirt, and to reduce the effects of abrasion. All of our slings are made in the USA and contain a rating tag sewn into every sling.

Web Sling Tolerances*

1-Ply: ± (1.5″ + 1.5% of sling length)

2-Ply: ± (2.0″ + 2% of sling length)

3-Ply & 4-Ply: ± (3.0″ + 3% of sling length)

*For web sling widths wider than 6″, add ½″ to these values. For tighter tolerance or matched set lengths, please consult with customer service prior to ordering.

All slings should be carefully inspected before every use and immediately taken out of use if any wear is detected.Please note: The lifting sling length can vary +/- 3 inches.


Images, including webbing colors, are only a representation of products. Actual product is subject to variation. Most webbing colors come stenciled with "Cargo Equipment" unless you are ordering a custom stencil with your company name or logo.

Safety Warnings

It is vital to read and understand all safety warnings and precautions prior to using a lifting sling or other cargo control device. Please download the Web Sling Safety Bulletin for more details.

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