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Flatbed Trailer Products

We carry a full line of flatbed trailer products. Looking for ratchet or winch straps? We manufacture in house durable and strong straps. Need to secure a heavy load with chain and binders, we have many options in stock. Read article: Understanding Working Load Limit (WLL).

Don't wait until your straps show wear. Inspect on a regular basis and replace at the first sign of any wear whatsoever. We also carry many truck safety products. Stock up now before you need them!

Also in stock: edge protectors, tarps, winches, winch bars and more.

  • Ratchet Straps

    We proudly manufacture a complete line of tie down straps ranging from 1 to 4 inches in Width

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  • We manufacture high-quality 3-inch and 4-inch winch straps in many lengths and end fittings.

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    winch straps
  • Chains & Chain Binders

    The strongest and most dependable chains you will need at the best prices. Our chains and chain binders are ideal for safely securing cargo.

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  • Truck Safety Products

    Safety should always be your first concern and we have you covered at Cargo Equipment Corp. Check out our Selection.

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  • Trailer Winches

    Need a replacement winch for your Fontaine trailer? how about Lufkin, Utility or Wilson? We have them!

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  • Winch Bars

    All Winch Bars are heat treated for extra strength and the flanged mushroom tip helps keep the bar from slipping from the winch.

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  • Winch Track

    Cargo Equipment Winch Track is available in two different styles, Our most popular C track and the newest style Double L.

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  • Available with 2 or 3 steps, in yellow powder coat or galvanized. Easy to install!

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    Flatbed Trailer Access Steps - 2 or 3 step
  • Corner Protection

    Multipurpose products designed to protect your cargo, your strap assemblies or chain tie downs, as well as, your tarps.

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  • Tarps

    Cargo Equipment prides itself on making quality truck tarps at a competitively low price.

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  • Tarp Ties

    Rubber tarp straps (not to be confused with low-grade bungee cords) are a quick and easy to secure items in place.

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  • Accessories

    All the things you need to keep your flat bed operational.

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  • Pallet Trucks

    Pallet jack is a standard pallet truck that is capable of handling loads up to 5,500 lbs.

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    Pallet Jack

Flatbed Articles

Which Type of Tie Down Strap To Use?

When securing your cargo use a winch strap with flat hook that connects to the flatbed. The other end is tensioned into a truck trailer winch that is either welded or bolted to the trailer body. If your winches are welded onto the flatbed you will not have as much adjustability as with a slider winch. Then you will need to add ratchet straps to fill in the load where winch straps are not securing the load.

The most common ratchet straps are 27 feet or 30 feet in length. The working load limit of these tie down straps is 3,333 lbs with a break strength of 10,000 lbs. Cargo Equipment uses the highest quality ratchets and heavy duty tie down webbing in the industry.

Our high quality ratchet straps are vastly superior to those bought from "box stores".

Rather Use Chain and Binders to Secure Your Load?

Chain and Chain Binders have become a popular way to secure cargo with new tie down regulations in place. Transport chain with G70 stamped on the chain is a must have! We carry both lever binder and ratchet binder styles in stock. These fit 3/8 inch chain and 5/16 inch chain.

The Quickbinder offers a safe folding handle which can be locked to protect your cargo load. The 3-position pawl offers a "free spin" setting for fast adjustment.

Our Most Popular Flatbed Accessories for Flatbed Trailers!

These are must have items for any flatbed truck driver:

Having the right equipment on your flatbed, makes the divers job easier and safer. Watch your freight damage go down and your on time deliveries go up!