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Python Winch Straps

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Why Should You Choose Python Winch Straps?

Python Webbing Winch Strap Assemblies are the Cargo Constrictor!

Key benefits:

  • 6,666 Lbs Working Load Limit
  • Extreme Wear Resistance
  • Reinforced End Fittings

Just like the scales of a python protect it as it moves along the ground or through trees, so does the superior weave of our new Python webbing as it resists abrasion while it secures its prey: your cargo.

Python webbing is far superior to that of standard tie down webbing because of how the webbing is woven creating a super tough and wear resistant surface. The 4 inch 24,000 lbs polyester tie-down webbing is nothing new to the industry, in fact, it has been around for years and Cargo Equipment has been making increased strength ratchet strap and winch strap assemblies for customers using this material. Now we have made it better!

We have not only woven the surface webbing for superior wear resistance but we have also woven an anti-fray protection with a rugged durable black edging. Cargo Equipment’s new python webbing doesn't stop there; we have also reinforced our end fittings with two layers of webbing, as well as an additional wear clip in the flat hook. That’s double the protection on the high-stress points so that your flat hooks won't rip out!

No other strap on the market has this kind of wear resistant power! Cargo Equipment’s Python Webbing strap assembly has an increased working load limit of 6,666 lbs giving you more constricting power on your loads, not to mention, all that extra wear-resistant durability not found in any other strap assembly.

When you purchase Cargo Equipment’s new Python Webbing strap assembly you’re not just purchasing a high break strength strap, but you are also purchasing high durability and wear resistance. Invest in your straps longevity and purchase your new Python Web straps today!