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Sure-Lok Wheelchair Tie Downs

Sure-Lok is a leading manufacturer of wheelchair securements and occupant restraint systems for transporting individuals with mobility concerns. With over 30 years of experience, Sure-Lok is committed to providing the safest and most secure wheelchair tie-downs and occupant restraint systems available today. Sure-Lok offers a wide selection of wheelchair securements and occupant restraint systems, giving our customers the freedom to choose the system that best meets their needs.

Sure-Lok is committed to the safety of individuals with special needs. This commitment has led to pioneering innovations that are now industry standards. We were the first to develop and manufacture Series L Track and Series A Track wheelchair securement systems. Sure-Lok's new Titan800 retractor meets the industry's new WC18 standards for wheelchair tiedown and occupant restraint systems (WTORS).

Difference Between A-Track and L-Track

L-Track vs A-Track - Know the Difference Before You Order

  • Titan800 Retractors

    The Strongest TITAN Retractor ever made. The new TITAN800 was built with an innovative energy distribution design for maximum load capacity.

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  • AL700 Titan Series Retractors

    With its distinctive blue webbing and yellow “locked” indicator tag, the AL700 Series simplifies the process for operators.

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  • FF600 Series Retractors

    The ergonomically designed handle is quick and easy to grasp, enables the user to more easily increase tension on the webbing.

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  • FE500 Series Kits

    The FE500 offers maximum versatility and a quick, simple operation, and is our most economical solution.

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  • Occupant Restraints

    Sure-Lok Occupant Restraint Systems provide a wide range of options, choose from Lap Belts, Shoulder Belts, or Integrated Combination Belts.

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  • Floor Anchor Systems

    All of the attachment points below can be used with Sure-Lok wheelchair securements.

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  • Accessories

    General accessories for your Sure-Lok systems, including web cutters, storage bags and more.

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  • O2 Oxygen Holders

    The GO2 (pronounced ‘GO-TO’) is an adaptable O2holder designed to safely transport medical oxygen tanks.

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  • Individual Retractors

    Sure-Lok Individual Retractors.
    Titan800 Series
    AL700 Titan Series
    FF600 Series

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  • Technical Information and Downloads

    Sure-Lok instruction documents and safety information to download.

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4-Point Wheelchair Securement Systems

picture-4point securement schema

A Complete 4-Point Tie Down System includes:

4 Wheelchair Restraints:
Retractable or manual belt systems for securing wheelchair to the floor anchorages. (QRT Deluxe with L Fitting shown)

Occupant Securements:
A manual or combination lap and shoulder belt for securing the occupant. (Combination belt shown)

Floor Anchorages:
L Track, Floor Mount or Slide ‘N Click system for anchoring the wheelchair restraints. (QRT Deluxe with L-Track fitting anchorage shown)

Also Included:
Complete operator instructions and warranty registration card.