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Titan AL700 Wheelchair Tie Downs

With its distinctive blue webbing and highly-visible, yellow "locked" indicator tag, the AL700 Titan Retractor Series lets operators know when the retractor is in locked mode. With the auto-tensioning feature, webbing automatically retracts into the housing and stays off the floor, keeping it cleaner and longer lasting. The low-profile design minimizes interference with most wheelchairs and has a sleeker, cleaner retractor case with stud fitting to attach the occupant restraint system. Titan retractors allow operators to quickly secure a wheelchair in seconds with only one hand. Get a Titan wheelchair system to tie down your wheelchair today, We offer quick shipping on the Titan Wheelchair Kit.

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Sure-Lok is committed to providing the safest and most secure wheelchair tie-downs!

For some transportation properties, the need to comply with the new WC18 standard may not be as immediate. The original TITAN has you covered. Boasting unique features not found on any other securement system, it’s proven performance still meets the demands of the road.
• TITAN delivers - a securement system offering safety and increased speed of operation.
• TITAN delivers - an auto-tensioning, auto-locking retractor system that allows for one-handed operation.
• TITAN delivers - a "locked" indicator tag.
• TITAN delivers - a low profile bracket and a sleeker, cleaner case with a stud fitting to attach the occupant restraint system.
• TITAN delivers - an S-Hook configuration that keeps webbing flat and untwisted when attached to the wheelchair.
• TITAN delivers - a 3 year warranty and warranty card program.
• TITAN delivers - a comprehensive specification and training program.
• TITAN delivers - a superior securement system at a competitive price.
Sure Lok Titan AL700 Retractor
And, that's just the beginning.

TITAN's comprehensive kits provide what you need to equip your vehicles with everything required to deliver the safest ride possible to your passengers. Supported by Sure-Lok's broad public offering, a firm commitment to meet and exceed all applicable safety standards and a team that is always available to assist - TITAN delivers the optimum in passenger securement and protection. When its time to specify high performance securement systems...