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Tow Dolly Straps

Cargo Equipment Corporation manufactures a wide variety of wheel basket, tire harness, tow dolly and tire bonnet assemblies. We can make any type of car hauler or auto transport strap that you need.

  • 2-packs available in several sizes with the choice of sewn loops, flat hooks, or twisted snap hooks. Meets or exceeds all DOT regulations

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    Wrecker Style Wheel Basket Harnesses

Car & Truck Tie Downs

We start with simple tire basket for a general purpose application which can be used in large scale auto transport to your general purpose consumer tow dolly. The simple wheel basket or tire bonnet is non-adjustable and easily fits over the tire for simple securement. The wheel basket is used in conjunction with a ratchet strap fixed end with flat hook, snap hook or wire hook end fitting. The tire bonnet can also be secured with a trailer mounted lashing winch when applicable. We can also produce an adjustable wheel basket, or tire bonnet which uses a cam buckle to adjust around several different tire sizes. The adjustable wheel harness is perfect for auto transport when multiple vehicle sizes are being transported. We also make custom side mounted wheel bonnets and tire harness assemblies for hauling cars, trucks or SUV’s on a flatbed trailer. Your typical flatbed wheel harness will have two ratchet strap fixed ends for extra strength, which will hug the tire firmly to the trailer. Any standard ratchet strap fixed end with flat hook, snap hook, wire hook or even chain ends can be used in this application. Just use the fixed ends from your current ratchet strap flatbed assemblies or order new to complete your custom flatbed wheel harness. Don’t forget about the flatbed lasso strap for easily securing your vehicle in a side mounted flatbed application. All of Cargo Equipment Corporation wheel basket, tire harness and tire bonnets are constructed with high quality 12,000 lbs polyester webbing and can be made in several different color choices. If you don’t see the basket harness, tire bonnet or tow dolly strap you need then please contact our sales department at 888-557-8727 and we will help you build the auto hauling strap to your specific specifications.