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Truck Safety Products

  • Safety Flags

    Safety First with these Red/Orange flags! We have the style flag you need for any application.

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  • Oversize/Wide Load Banners

    Be smart with the toughest vinyl or mesh banners in the business. Many sizes available for any application.

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  • Misc Safety Products

    Stay in compliance we have everything needed to keep you legal.

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  • Orange cones with or without reflective stripes.

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    Safety Cones

We carry a wide range of truck safety products such as safety flags, wide load and oversize load banners and orange cones .

Safety should always be your first concern and at Cargo Equipment Corp we are here to provide you with the highest quality truck safety products available on the market today. Protect your crew and equipment with our all new line up of traffic safety products including oversize load signs, red safety flags, high visibility vests and much more. We also carry both reversible and mesh oversize load banners too!

Oversized Loads

When You are hauling an oversize load you need to make sure that your trailer has the right equipment. Oversize and overweight loads are special case shipments that exceed the operational parameters defined by each state.

(a) Any commercial motor vehicle transporting a load which extends beyond the sides by more than 102 mm (4 inches) or more than 1,219 mm (4 feet) beyond the rear must have the extremities of the load marked with red or orange fluorescent warning flags. Each warning flag must be at least 457 mm (18 inches) square. (b) The position of flags. There must be a single flag at the extreme rear if the projecting load is two feet wide or less. Two warning flags are required if the projecting load is wider than two feet. Flags must be located to indicate maximum width of loads which extend beyond the sides and/or rear of the vehicle. OVERSIZE LOAD signs shall be displayed on the front and rear of the over dimensioned vehicle or vehicle/load.

Safety Flags

We have a complete line of safety flags and banners in stock and ready for shipment. We have both red jersey safety flag and orange mesh safety flag with grommets or on a staff. When using a safety flag with grommets, we have rubber tarp straps or safety flag magnets that will help properly secure your safety flag to your load. We also carry an EZ hook line of Safety flags and oversize banners that have a built in bungee strap for quick attachment to your load. Oversize load banners and wide load banners are a must for the front and rear of the vehicle/load. We have both vinyl oversize load sings, as well as, mesh oversize load signs in stock and ready for shipment. Mesh oversize load signs are designed to allow up to 30% more air flow for less wind resistance helping your mesh oversize load banner to last longer. We also carry safety cones, conspicuity tape, flip placards, slow-moving vehicle emblems and safety seals.

Check out the pallet jack stop, which is the only truck tool that will hold any pallet jack in place in a moving truck trailer. It can help avoid costly cargo or trailer damage that a runaway pallet jack can cause. Cargo Equipment has access to a wide variety of safety equipment so if you don't see the exact size of safety flag or oversize banner then please give us a call. Our friendly customer service department can help you custom order the right product for your specific application.