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Anatomy of a Ratchet Strap

Ratchet straps are composed of two main components: an adjustable end and a fixed end. Our fixed ends are most commonly 12 inches long but can be manufactured to other lengths. The total length of the ratchet strap is most often 27 or 30 feet for the trucking industry. For commercial use, lengths are usually between 8 and 20 feet. The adjustable end is the difference between the total desired length and the fixed end length.

The pieces that make up the strap assembly consist of the following:

Webbing: Available in widths between 1 and 4 inches; polyester webbing and thread made in the USA

Tension Device: This can be a ratchet or cam buckle. Both are available in various weight capacities (working load limit) and we carry a wide variety depending on required use. Ratchets are a bit more cumbersome to use but will offer more strength over cam buckles.

End Hardware: This is what will attach to your tie-down point. There are dozens of options when it comes to end hardware. We have flat hooks, wire hooks, chain ends for heavy-duty trucking. We carry coated S-hooks to prevent scratching paint, or stainless steel hardware if you are using the strap in a marine or wet environment. If you have E-track or L-track, we make strap assemblies with E-track or L-track fittings sewn in.

We can make straps with your custom hardware as well.

Some applications require no hardware at all. These endless loop straps are used to bundle products, say on a pallet.

This is part of the Ultimate Guide to Ratchet Straps