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Build Your Own Tie Down Strap

As the leader in custom tie downs for over 50 years, we manufacture the best ratchet and winch straps plus auto tie downs for any vehicle. Our tie down straps are made to order in the USA to meet your specific requirements.

Get started by choosing the strap type and width to build your own strap.

Ratchet Straps

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Cam Buckle Straps


Winch Straps


Auto Hauling Straps


When you build your own tie down strap, you select all the componenets of your cargo strap. Start by selecting the type or width. Our straps range from 1 to 4 inches and either use a ratchet, cam buckle, or no tension device if building your own winch strap. Our auto hauling tie down straps are designed for specific types of auto tie-down applications. We also design auto straps not available on our website.

The next step in the build your own tie down strap process is to select the type of hardware you need. Hardware consists of two key parts when choosing a ratchet or cam buckle strap: (1) the tension device and (2) the end hardware. Our ratchets and cam buckles have varying capacities and qualities. The rubber-handle 2-inch ratchet is becoming increasingly popular for its ergonomic, easy usage. Stainless steel ratchets and hardware are great for wet or marine environments.

Once you have determined the type of strap and the hardware needed for your application, you choose your overall strap length and fixed end length. 1-inch straps have a standard 6-inch fixed end length; the part where the ratchet or cam buckle is sewn on. 2-inch straps have a standard fixed-end length of 12 inches. E-track straps have a standard fixed end of 48 inches. If you need a non-standard fixed end length, please contact us. Customizing your fixed end does not add any extra cost to the strap assembly.

When choosing the overall length of your strap, take into consideration the longest length needed for your cargo. You can always tie up excess webbing, but coming up short makes your tie down unusable. Keeping the length as close to the needed length does help avoid tangled messes of webbing when using or storing your strap. Our straps are usually size to the foot but can be customized to 1/2 foot lengths if needed. The cutting and sewing process leaves a margin of error so better to get a strap a bit longer than absolutely necessary.

The final step when you build your own tie down strap is to select a webbing color. We have a large selection of polyester webbing colors in stock, especially for 1 and 2 inch straps. Our webbing is sourced with high quality yarn and thread. Our sew patterns have been tested over the years to enable the strongest, most reliable cargo straps on the market.

Optionally, you can have your name and/or logo printed on your custom tie down. This process usually takes only a couple hours from submission to stencil approval and provides a great way to market your company. It also reduces loss or theft of your straps. We stencil tie downs in all widths in black ink only. Minimum orders and setup fees apply.

If you need help to build your own strap, our customer service and sales team is happy to assist you. The process is quick, easy, and affordable. Don't let the word "custom" scare you. We have a full manufacturing facility with in-stock webbing and hardware and pride ourselves on the fastest turnaround in the industry. Most custom straps ship out within 24 to 36 hours of placing an order, depending on the time of day or the day of the week. Our straps are made to order in the USA and competitvely priced.

Get started by clicking above and build your own custom tie down strap!