Auto Hauling Strap Hardware

High quality auto hauling hardware including 5,000 and 10,000 lb ratchets with snap hooks, swivel J hooks, RTJ cluster hooks, E-Track idler, and rubber cleats.

Auto hauling hardware comes in varying capacities and styles. Our 2-inch ratchets with snap hooks have working load limits of either 1,666 lbs or 3,333 lbs. These ratchets are used with several styles of auto hauling tie downs. A third ratchet, having a swivel J hook, also has a capacity of 3,333 lbs.

Our E-track with swivel, also referred to as an E-track idler, is used with 3-point E-track tie down straps to secure vehicles while using E-track. The working load limit on the idler is 1,100 lbs. The RTJ cluster hook is designed to work with different models of cars: R-Hook (GM & Chrysler), T-Hook (Ford), J-Hook (Import Cars).

Complete your automotive tie down with rubber cleats which help keep the strap from slipping from the tire while gripping the tire's tread. Add a fuzzy web protector or protective sleeve to prevent the strap from rubbing on the vehicle.