Axle Straps

We manufacture axle straps and ratchet straps with built-in axle straps. These ratchet straps are available in light-duty and heavy-duty (10k) assemblies in nine color choices. Choose from multiple lengths or contact us if you need a length not featured on our website.

Cargo Equipment Strap Storage BagPART NO: CEBAG

Axle straps feature 2-inch polyester webbing and heavy-duty hardware. Combination ratchet strap with built-in axle strap are available in two capacity options: 1,666 lbs or 3,333 lbs. Choose from 9 color options and several lengths.

Our 10k axle and ratchet strap kit includes 4 axle straps, 4 complete ratchets, and a handy strap storage bag. These come in 11 colors including hi-vis green and camo. These straps feature the ergonomic black rubber-handle ratchet, one of our most popular ratchets.

Axle straps can be purchased separately and include protective sleeves. Our magnetic axle straps have a sewn-in magnet, making it easier to place the strap around the axle. Axle straps are made to order in the USA. If you need a different length or other hardware configuration, give us a call!