Off-Road Tie-Downs and Recovery Rope

The Big Muddy is designed for securing off-road vehicles with large, bulky tires. The strap assembly uses twisted snap-hooks which can be used with E-track and L-track fittings as well as many other tie-down points. Available in 9 colors! Dyneema tow rope is a lightweight, storable recovery rope to get your friend unstuck.

Big Muddy Off Road Tie Down With Camo RatchetPART NO: BIG MUDDY CAMO
Dyneema Green Tow Rope - 3/8-Inch WidePART NO: DYNEEMA-GREEN
Dyneema Blue Tow Rope 1/2-Inch WidthPART NO: DYNEEMA-BLUE
Dyneema Orange Tow Rope 3/4-Inch WidthPART NO: DYNEEMA-ORANGE
Dyneema Gray Tow Rope 7/8 Inch WidthPART NO: DYNEEMA-GRAY

The Big Muddy™ off-road tie-down straps are made specifically for large tires. The straps have a long strap and a center strap made of 2-inch polyester webbing. The long strap is fed through the center strap, wrapping around the tire and then tightened with the ratchet.

Big Muddy™ is sold individually or in 4-packs in many lengths and hardware options. These straps are available with standard ratchets but also with some of our specialty ratchets including the ergonomic black rubber handle and camo ratchets. These straps have a working load limit of 3,333 lbs.

We also sell a stainless steel version of the Big Muddy™ that has a stainless steel ratchet and stainless steel wire hooks. These have a working load limit of 2,000 lbs.

If you need a length not featured on our website please give us a call. Big Muddy™ is made to order in the USA and can be customized to your needs.