Racer Pack

Our Racer Pack is a convenient 4-strap system to secure a race car to your trailer. The system includes ratchets and is available in multiple colors.

Cargo Equipment Strap Storage BagPART NO: CEBAG

Racer packs use 2-inch webbing and come in 5 color options. The straps are 7 feet long and have a snap hook and delta ring 24 inches from the end of the hook with a pro sleeve between the hook and ring. Included in the pack are 2-inch ratchets with snap hooks. The assembly has a working load limit of 1,666 lbs.

Please note that when attaching snap hook to delta ring the strap creates approximately an 11-inch loop. If you need a larger strap, please contact us and we'd be happy to custom build your strap.

Racer packs are designed to secure each wheel of a race car but can work with other auto hauling situations. Keep your straps organized by ordering a Cargo Equipment strap storage bag.