Wheel Straps

Wheel straps are strap assemblies that fit over the wheel. They use a three-point anchor system to secure the vehicle. These are available with many hardware options.

Wheel straps are 3-point tie-down straps used for securing automobiles. The straps use 2-inch polyester webbing and are available in many colors and lengths. The straps connect to your trailer on each side of the wheel and the third point where the ratchet attaches.

3-point wheel straps use high-quality hardware and include straps designed specifically for E-track (1,100 lb working load limit) or L-track (2,000 lb working load limit). We also manufacture 3-point straps with either swivel-J hooks (3,333 lb working load limit) or wire hooks (1,666 lb working load limit).

Our wheel straps include floating rubber cleats that help keep the strap from slipping on the tire tread. Add a strap storage bag to keep your straps organized.