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Our Mighty King™ desk lifters are the original, and our student desk mover is unique to Raymond Products. We have a wide range of sizes and attachments to move almost all desks. Our adjustable desk lift is adaptable moves many styles of desks, including cube style. Raymond Products Mighty King™ desk lifters are the only ones manufactured and assembled in the USA.
Raymond Products also manufactures products to move other office items, including our Karry King line of file dollies. The unique design of these file cabinet movers allows lever action to lift your load while counter balance keeps it from tipping. Our panel movers, also known as sheet movers, are great for office cubicle partitions, our panel trucks can be used to move everything from office supplies to cartons of freight, and our book cart is perfect for book stores and libraries, and can also handle large report binders.
Whether you need to move a desk, file cabinet or hundreds of tables and chairs, we have a product to make your job easier.