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2-Inch Ratchet Straps & Tie Down Straps for Flatbed Trucking

Published February 3, 2021
2-inch ratchet straps for flatbed trucking

We manufacture custom 2-inch ratchet straps to meet your specifications. Our straps use heavy-duty polyester webbing in eleven (11) color options. We have several ratchets and end hardware options to choose from. Whatever custom 2-inch ratchet strap you need, we can make.

Our 2-inch tie downs use high quality sourced ratchets, tested for durability and longevity. You will not find a better 2-inch ratchet out there. Our end hardware options are many and constructed of only the best materials.

2 inch ratchet strap securing UTV to flatbed trailer

End Hardware Options

The most commonly used end fittings for 2-inch ratchet straps are flat hooks and wire hooks. You can buy standard length straps of 27 or 30 feet by the box of ten.

These are by no means the only hardware options we provide. Choose from twisted or flat snap hooks, chain anchors, grab hooks, and delta rings. We can also make your strap with a sewn loop or with no end hardware at all. These endless loop or bundling straps feed back into the ratchet for a secure hold.

We also have a full line of 2-inch tent straps, specifically designed for the tent rental industry. Check out our line of 2-inch tent straps.

heavy duty yellow 2 inch ratchet strap securing cargo to flatbed trailer

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