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Add Your Logo, Brand or Other Info To Your Tie Down Straps With Custom Stenciling

Published February 18, 2021
custom stenciling - logo and brand on tie down straps

Cargo Equipment offers custom stenciling for tie down straps of widths of 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 4 inches. These stencils can include your logo, brand name, website, address, phone number, etc. All stencils print in black ink only and are available on all webbing colors except black.

Custom stencils provide for instant brand recognition every time you use your ratchet or winch straps. They also help reduce theft or loss while providing a professional, high quality look.

The design process as well as printing is done entirely in house. We use your logo or specific font type to produce a high-quality stencil. We then provide a stencil proof for your approval prior to actually printing.

Custom Strap Stencil Requirements

The stencil is done best with customer supplied logos in a high-resolution, vector file format. This is best done with .eps or .ai (Adobe Illustrator) files. However, sometimes .PSD or .PDF files are acceptable.

The logo provided will be printed in a single color (black) and should not be overly complex. Highly detailed logos will not transfer as well on webbing, especially at widths under 2 inches.

If you want your brand name, website, phone number, address or other text printed on your straps please note the following text length requirements:

The following are estimates based on standard font sizes
1-inch webbing: 33 letters max
2-inch webbing: 17-20 letters max
3-inch and 4-inch webbing: best do go with logo or smaller text printed on two lines

Smaller stencils can repeat twice (every 2 feet) and in some cases four times (once every foot). These are determined based on the desired stencil size. For a continuous stencil, the above letter limits can increase, but it is better to keep the length short.

Stenciling Cost

Please note that in order to have stenciled straps we require a minimum strap order of 100 straps. This can be any length but must be of a single color, using the same stencil.

There is a $100.00 stencil plate fee for the first time a stencil is created. Once the stencil is created, it is yours and can be reused multiple times.

There is a $2.00 additional stencil charge per strap ordered.

Please contact us for more information or to get started creating your stencil.