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Ratchet Strap Maintenance

Our ratchet straps are made to order in the USA. They are also made to last. But like all mechanical devices, ratchets need a little basic maintenance to keep them at their best.

The best way to keep your straps from wearing out prematurely is to properly store them when not in use. Keep them dry and out of extreme cold or heat.

When straps are stored for a long time or exposed to a lot of precipitation the ratchet will sometimes get stuck or not ratchet as smoothly. Simply apply a small amount of WD-40 or the like on the ratchet and then wipe clean. See photo below:

Where to oil your ratchet to keep it working smoothly

Photo from customer Steve A.

Sun (UV) exposure will decrease the life of your ratchet strap. When you see the strap's coloration has faded, it is a good idea to replace the strap. Our extreme tests has shown straps to lose over 10% of their capacity from the sun.

Properly cared for and depending on usage, a ratchet strap can last five or more years. It is recommended to replace every 2-3 years under heavy use.

However, any time your strap shows any sign of damage it is time to replace it.