About Cargo Equipment

Tent Ratchet Straps Using 1 or 2 Inch Webbing

Our tent ratchet straps are made to order in the USA using premium white or black polyester webbing. Most commonly, our 1 and 2 inch tent straps use white webbing and have a length of 15 feet. But you can order your straps in any length or hardware options you need!

Standard Tent Ratchet Straps

The top selling 1-inch tent strap is our 15 foot strap with double bar D-ring on the fixed end and snap hook on the adjustable end. This strap's fixed end is 24 inches. See Part No. 711558-37N-24. Or, get it in Black!

The top selling 2-inch tent ratchet strap is also 15 feet long and uses a delta ring on the fixed end and a twisted snap hook on the adjustable end. This strap also features a 24 inch fixed end and has a working load limit of 3,333 lbs. See Part No. 511542-64N-24

Custom Tent Ratchet Straps

Over the years we have made hundreds of customized tent ratchet strap assemblies based on a wide variety of customer preferences. We have a large list of hardware to choose from. Or, you can go with sewn loop ends.

Some of the hardware options include: wire hooks, forged snap hooks, double bar D-rings, twisted snap hooks, delta rings, bull nose snap rings, and round rings. We can further customize your strap with other types of hardware, even carabiners.

We also offer 2-inch wide double leg tent straps, most commonly using delta rings or double bar D-rings.

Block and Roll® Tent Straps

Block and Roll® tent straps secure directly into the innovative Block and Roll® cement tent ballasts. In recent years the demand for ballasting or weighting tents has increased. The addition of underground utilities in many areas introduces a liability for tent installers while many facilities are concerned about staking in their parking lots. As a result, many large city properties, parks and sporting venues do not permit staking.

We have several variations of tent straps designed specifically for use with Block and Roll® systems.

Tent Strap Accessories

Want to cover your ratchet for a clean look? We have both 1-inch and 2-inch ratchet covers in white.

We also sell lashing winches and easy tent repair patches as well as other cargo equipment accessories for the tent rental industry. These include but are not limited to furniture pads and dollies.

Bundling Straps and Other Ratchet Straps

Our bundling straps or endless loop straps are available in many colors and practically any length. Choose from 1 inch or 2 inch as well as light or heavy duty.

We also custom make a massive selection of 1 and 2 inch ratchet straps for securing all sorts of equipment. This includes E-track and L-track straps.

E-Track and L-Track Systems - Hooks, Hangers and More!

Along with standard and made to order E-track and L-track straps, we have a huge selection of E-track and L-track accessories. We have designed several hooks and hangers for both E-track and L-track. And don't forget to get our heavy-duty storage bag that connects directly to the track!