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Guide to Choosing Custom Made Ratchet Straps

Our ratchet straps are made to order in the USA to meet the highest quality standards and customer-driven specifications. You choose your color, ratchet, strap width, length, and hardware.

Need different hardware on each end of the tie down strap? Maybe you need a sewn-in soft-tie loop or a strap designed for E-track or L-track. We design custom ratchet straps for whatever cargo hauling situation you need.

Build your own ratchet strap

Step 1: Choose Your Ratchet Strap Width

We manufacture custom ratchet straps with webbing widths of 1, 1.25, 2, 3, and 4 inches.

  • 1 inch - used for utility straps, powersports, and every day light cargo control
  • 1.25 inch - used in our sliding ratchet straps, a strap that avoids the need for a fixed end length
  • 2 inch - used in many flatbed cargo control situations, interior vans, and automotive tie downs
  • 3 inch - often used to secure salt spreaders, roll-off containers, or flatbeds where extra capacity is needed
  • 4 inch - these big, heavy straps are used on flatbeds to secure large loads

3 inch and 4 inch straps have similar working load limits but 3-inch straps weigh considerably less.

Step 2: Choose Your Ratchet Strap Tension Device

We offer many types of ratchet (and cam buckles) in our tie-down straps. Cam buckles are quicker and easier to use and work well with powersports and E-track straps. Ratchets have higher capacities and are available in different styles including stainless steel.

All our ratchets are sourced for their durability to ensure long-lasting quality. The ratchets are made to handle repeated use and are easy to operate. Keep your ratchets well lubricated to improve the life of the ratchet. See video below:

Step 3: Choose Your Ratchet Strap End Hardware

We have dozens of end hardware options available including S-hooks, D-rings, flat hooks, snap hooks, E-track and L-track fittings and more. Your strap can also have a sewn loop or built-in soft-tie or no end hardware at all if you need a bundling strap. You can also mix end fittings, i.e. have a vinyl-coated S-hook on one end and an L-track fitting on another.

We have an in-house, certified testing lab where we test hardware and webbing to ensure accurate breaking strength of both individual components and completed strap assemblies.

Step 4: Choose Your Ratchet Strap Length

Ratchet straps, except for bundling straps and sliding ratchet straps, are made of two pieces. The fixed end is where the tension device is attached and the adjustable end is the part fed into the ratchet to secure your cargo. These can be whatever length you need. Common fixed end lengths are:

  • 1-inch straps: 6 inch fixed end
  • 2-inch straps: 12 inch fixed end
  • 2-inch E-track straps: 48 inch fixed end
  • 3-inch and 4-inch straps: 12 inch fixed end

You can choose nearly any length for the adjustable end; lengths of 60 feet or more are commonly used when hauling hay. Fixed ends have a minimum length in order to sew the hardware to the webbing.

Sew patterns are determined to maximize the strength of the strap where hardware is attached.

Step 5: Choose Your Ratchet Strap Color

We offer a large number of webbing colors. Using different colors has several advantages.

  • Powersport and automotive customers often like to match colors to their vehicles
  • Different colored straps make for a quick determination of strap length when hauling a wide range of loads
  • Muted colors are used in our tree stand straps
  • Pink straps are commonly used as a deterrent for strap theft

Ratchet Strap Webbing Colors Available

  • 1-inch: 14
  • 1.25-inch: 3
  • 2-inch: 10
  • 3-inch: 4
  • 4-inch: 4

View Complete Color List

Step 6: Ratchet Strap Custom Stenciling (Optional)

We have an in-house stenciling department that can print your name, phone number, or logo on your ratchet straps. There are some basic quantity requirements, but having your name on your straps greatly reduces theft while providing extra marketing exposure. Learn more about getting your name on your ratchet straps.

Whatever type of tie downs you need, we can custom make it to your specs. Many of these options can be ordered on our website. If you can't find what you are looking for, give us a call at 847-741-7272 or email robsnyder@cargoequipmentcorp.com to get started.