Custom Strap Stenciling

Custom stenciling is available on 1, 2, 3, and 4-inch ratchet, cam buckle, and winch straps. We can print your company name, logo, phone number, etc. Stencils are only in black ink so is available on all colors except black. Stencils are created in house and have a fast turnaround for your final approval.

Big Muddy™ logo and name on orange 2-inch webbing

Stenciling Fees

  • $100 Initial Stencil Fee (One time fee to create the desired stencil for your company.)
  • $2 Stencil Charge Per Strap
  • 100 Minimum Piece Order

Please note that the stencil fee structure is based on orders of same color and strap width.

For best stencil result, company logos should be sent in high resolution .AI or .EPS file format.

Stencil size varies depending on length of name, size of logo, and width of webbing. For 1 inch webbing, the maximum number of characters is around 66. For 2 inch webbing, that number peaks at 40. For 3 or 4 inch webbing, the number is considerably smaller.

Call us at 847-741-7272 to get started or email customer service: