Coil Racks

Heavy-duty and light-duty coil racks to meet D.O.T. standards on securing metal coils.

Coil Rack - Heavy DutyPART NO: CRHD
Ancra Heavy Duty Coil RackPART NO: 49344-12

Coil racks help you meet D.O.T. standards for securing metal coils. Our coil racks are of one-piece construction for extra support, handling both light duty and heavy duty applications. The coil rack should be used with lumber blocks which provide extra cradling of the coils.

We have light duty and heavy duty coil racks. Ancra's heavy duty coil rack provides the strength and durability expected from Ancra Cargo Control.

New D.O.T. Standards specifically address securement of metal coils. If chocks are used, they must be held in place by coil bunks or racks to prevent them from coming loose.

Coil racks have a black lacquer finish. The light duty coil rack weighs under 5 lbs while the heavy-duty coil rack weighs 14 lbs.