Edge and Corner Protectors

Corner and edge protectors are designed to protect your cargo, strap assemblies or chain tie downs from excess wear. Plastic edge protectors also lessen wear and tear on tarps.

VeeBoards® are the most popular edge and corner protectors on the market. These heavy-duty cargo protectors come in many sizes and color options. VeeBoards® can be used to protect many types and sizes of cargo. Heavy-duty VeeBoards® provide extra strength and Brickguard are designed specifically for hauling brick but can be used for other loads as well.

VB2GO is a convenient 20 pack of edge protectors that is stackable, storable, and portable. The Ancra edge protector placement tool is the most popular, inexpensive tool for positioning edge protectors of all types on your cargo.

Protect your cargo and your straps with heavy-duty edge and corner protectors.