Flatbed Starter Kits

Get started hauling with these flatbed starter kits. These kits are designed to outfit your flatbed trailer with all you need to get started hauling.

Flatbed Starter Kits for Hotshot Trucking, Fleets, Etc.

Flatbed starter kits are a quick and affordable way to get the necessary cargo control equipment to get started hauling cargo. These kits have an assortment of products and are designed specifically for certain types of cargo. Machinery, steel, and lumber hauler flatbed starter kits have winch straps and a winch bar. Heavy hauler kits include chain and binders.

All flatbed starter kits include heavy-duty 18 oz vinyl-coated tarps, sized specifically for certain cargo types. These kits also include edge protectors, either for straps or chain depending on the kit.

These kits are priced to save you money by providing a great assortment of gear. If you need other cargo control items, different sizes of straps, etc. let us know. We would be happy to build you out your own kit to fit your needs!