Winch Bars

Winch bars are tapered and angled at the end for easy operation. Our winch bars have knurled handles and the tip has a mushroom cap to improve grip in the winch. All winch bars are heat treated for extra strength and the flanged mushroom tip helps keep the bar from slipping from the winch.

Winch Bar - E-Coat BlackPART NO: 37030
Winch Bar - ChromePART NO: 37031
Standard Ergo Winch BarPART NO: 50015-10
Combination Ergo Winch BarPART NO: 50015-20
Box End Combination Ergo Winch BarPART NO: 50015-21

Winch bars come in a wide variety of styles. The most popular and least expensive is the E-coated black winc bar with or with out a box end.

Ergo winch bars provide for an ergonomic, safer winch bar in standard, combination, and box end combination styles. These winch bars have gotten great reviews from truckers all over and are worth the higher cost.