Chain Hardware

Grade 70 chain hardware including clevis grab hooks, clevis slip hooks, and clevis slip hooks with keeper. Choose from four sizes.

Grade 70 Clevis Grab HookPART NO: GRADE 70 CLEVIS GRAB HOOK
Grade 70 Clevis Slip HooksPART NO: GRADE 70 CLEVIS SLIP HOOK
Grade 70 Clevis Slip Hook with KeeperPART NO: GRADE 70 CLEVIS SLIP HOOK WITH KEEPER
Grade 70 3/8 Inch Twin ClevisPART NO: 101-13375
Grade 70 1/4 to 5/16-Inch Twin ClevisPART NO: 101-13312

The various chain hardware options include different styles of hooks and chain connectors. There are three different styles of Grade 70 Clevis hooks that can be attached to transport chains which are commonly used in flatbed hauling applications. Clevis hooks with keepers are also available. Grade 70 twin clevis’ are used to connect two sections of Grade 70 chain. This hardware is zinc plated which helps prevent corrosion on the hardware and will prolong the life of your chain equipment.

All our hardware is sourced for its high quality. We custom make tie down straps for whatever cargo hauling needs you have.