E track fittings are commonly used in custom E-track straps. The standard 2-inch E-track fitting is sewn directly into an E-track strap using 2-inch webbing and a ratchet or cam buckle. E-track fittings with delta or round rings can also be sewn directly into a tie down strap to attach to E-track. Alternatively, these fittings can be used to attach other types of tie downs, typically ones with S-hooks or snap hooks.

The E-track fittings with round or delta ring comes in standard and heavy duty varieties.

Besides strap fittings, we also have a threaded fitting for E-track as well as the E-track idler which is commonly used in 3-point auto hauler tie down straps.

E track wood beam sockets are used to place 2x4s or 2x6s used for shelving or bracing cargo.