Hooks and Hangers

L-track hooks, hangers, and storage bags to organize your trailer. Snap directly into L-track.

6 Inch Shovel Hook For L-TrackPART NO: CE7020
Small J Hook For L-TrackPART NO: CE7021
L Track - Medium J HookPART NO: CE7024
Large U-Hanger For L-TrackPART NO: CE7023
3 Hook Hanger For L-TrackPART NO: CE7030
Storage Bag For L-TrackPART NO: CE80020
Storage Bag With Handle For L-TrackPART NO: CE80020-H

L-track hooks and hangers attach to L-track and are perfect for organizing your van or trailer. The shovel hook works well for shovels and other handled tools. The small J hook and 3-hook hanger are great for small items, ratchet straps, extension cords, and more. The large U-hanger, when used in tandem, can hold ladders and other long items like tent poles, pipes, etc. The storage bag works well for small tools and parts, extra straps, etc.

All our L-track hooks and hangers have welded L-track fittings and have a breaking strength of 300 lbs.