Lifting Slings

All of our rigging lifting slings are made of highly durable, heavy-duty polyester webbing. We make these lifting slings or straps in various styles: flat eye and eye, twisted eye, endless, and endless round and in many lengths. These lifting slings meet or exceed all WSTDA standards and OSHA regulations.

Lifting Slings - Flat Eye and Eye Type 3PART NO: EEX-90X-X-T3
Endless Lifting SlingsPART NO: ENX-90X-X
Endless Round Lifting SlingsPART NO: ENRX-X

Lifting Slings Made in the usa

Heavy-Duty Polyester Rigging Slings for Construction, Mining, Gas, Etc.

Our polyester lifting slings, rigging slings, cargo lifting slings and straps are made to order in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Huntley, Illinois. These include flat eye & eye, twisted eye & eye, and endless lifting slings.

Synthetic lifting slings, made out of polyester, are popular for construction and other industries because they are lightweight, easy to rig, strong, flexible and replaceable. These rigging slings are commonly used in the oil and gas industry because they can be buried when piping is placed.

Flat Eye & Eye Lifting Slings

Type 3 flat eye & eye lifting slings are made to order in the USA using polyester webbing. Each rigging sling features heavy-duty polyester webbing and flat loop eyes on both ends. These lifting slings can be constructed in single, double, triple, or four ply in widths ranging from 1 inch to 12 inches. Wider widths and extra plys increase the capacity of the rigging sling.

See chart below for capacity broken down by width, ply, and hitch style.

Twisted Eye & Eye Lifting Slings

Type 4 twisted eye & eye lifting slings are made to order in the USA using polyester webbing. Like flat eye & eye, the twisted eye & eye rigging sling is made of heavy-duty polyester webbing but has a twisted loop "eye" on each end. These slings are made in widths of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 inches in any length you need. Increasing the number of plys increases the lifting capacity dramatically.

See chart below for capacity broken down by width, ply, and hitch style.

Endless Lifting Slings

Endless lifting slings are made with a continuous loop formed by joining ends of the webbing together with a load-bearing splice. These rigging slings are extremely durable and versatile as the design allows for the rotation of bearing points. This allows the endless lifting slings to avoid using one constant bearing point, thereby increasing the life of the product.

Our lifting slings are made from high quality 9,800 pound polyester sling webbing for maximum safety. Lightweight and extremely flexible, they are easily and quickly handled and adjusted to the load. Our slings will not mar, deface, or scratch the most highly polished metal surface and is equally gentle to non-metallic loads.

These endless lifting slings are unaffected by mildew, rot, or bacteria, and have excellent abrasion resistance. All are treated to repel moisture and dirt, and to reduce the effects of abrasion. These lifting slings are made to order in the USA.

Endless Round Slings

Endless round slings are available in 10 types, each color-coded to indicate their capacity. These slings can be made to nearly any length and are used in the three most common lifting styles: vertical, basket, and choker.The lifting slings are constructed with a continuous loop of 100% polyester which encases and protects the load-bearing fibers. Each sling also has a tough, resilient tag making it easy to identify weight capacities.

Polyester vs Nylon Lifting Slings

Our polyester lifting/rigging slings will not stretch and deform like nylon lifting slings. This means the sling will be stronger with a more secure hold for whatever you are lifting.

Safety Labels

Our lifting slings have a sewn-in warning label on them with lifting capacity clearly printed.

We are members of both WSTDA, Web Sling and Tie Down Association and AWRF, the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators.