Stainless Steel Boat Transom and Marine Ratchet Straps

These boat transom straps are designed to fit most boats. The straps use 2-inch wide webbing and are 5 feet long. If you need longer straps, contact us. These straps are made to order in the USA to whatever specifications you need. You can also choose from many colors.

We offer transom straps with standard ratchets and vinyl-coated S-hooks or straps with stainless steel hardware. Stainless steel ratchets and S-hooks are more expensive but will last longer. Boat transom straps are sold in pairs.

If you need ultility straps for your boat or watercraft, try out our 1-inch stainless steel ratchet straps. These straps use heavy-duty polyester webbing in over a dozen color options. The stainless ratchet is based off our durable, popular 812 model. Choose from any length you need! Other end hardware options available.

Dyneema rope is a great additon to your boat. It can be used as a tow rope or mooring rope. The ropes come in 4 sizes for different capacities. They are light weight and they float!