Specialty Straps

Limited edition, new designs, or just plain cool specialty ratchet straps and other tie downs. Plus other interesting stuff we come up with!

Specialty Tie Down Straps - Made to Order in the USA!

Our custom straps are made to order in the USA. These straps fall into many categories and some are used in specific applications. This is a collection of some of our hundreds of specialty designed tie downs.

We stock over a dozen webbing colors including Hi-Vis green, pink, and camouflage. Tie down hardware is made overseas (from every company selling straps) but our custom straps are made to order in the USA. This includes our Patriot Pack, featuring red, white & blue straps. We even crafted a US flag out of 2-inch polyester webbing. (Very limited quantities.)

Some of our specialty straps are for specific cargo control uses. Some of these include replacement Quick Draw tarpulin straps, pallet puller straps, roll-off container straps, boat transom straps, daisy-chain straps, snowmobile tow straps, cargo nets, and more.

If you need a strap made for a special project, contact us today! We have designed all sorts of straps for customer-specific projects.